In reaching our goal as an International program of ICBS to accommodate the students’ needs for the future global competition, we present many programmes to enrich their global perspective and understanding.

See the

We believe that the best understanding starts from the classroom. See the World is an activity done every morning before the class in which, along with the teacher, students will watch world’s updated news from reliable news programmes. Not only watching, students will also discuss about the news and share their perspective on that.


At the end of school year, we will hold annual seminar on various themes by inviting speakers from professional and reputable organisations or institutions from both Indonesia and other countries. This seminar will benefit the students to broaden their insights on all life sectors.

Fun World’s

As the world consists of various languages, it is important that the students are introduced to the diverse languages from around the world. Every month we will invite a language institution, such as French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and others. Here, the students will involve in fun activities led by the institutions so that they can enrich their language perspective.


We invite lecturer or teachers from reputable abroad universities or school to introduce their education system, culture, work ethic, and other interesting topics to the students.


We are partnered with hundreds of school in more than 30 countries, and we will keep the students updated about the student exchange programmes offered, and we will facilitate them to join the program they are interested in.


We encourage the students to participate in summer school programmes by always updating the information and helping them with the pre-departure program, such as administrative documents, language, cultural understanding, etc.


Our comparative study will mostly focus on enriching students’ knowledge on types of job they can choose in the future. Thus, we prioritise to visit well-known domestic and or international companies, such as Google, Facebook, national and multinational companies as well as big private companies.