Junior High School
Program Highlight

IP-ICBS High School program will enhance the full implementation of 5 Curricula in the preparation of the Cambridge and school examination. Furthermore, in the teaching and learning practices the students are encouraged to engage in the innovative and creative processes which improve their critical thinking skill supported by the application of both STEAM Education and Leader in Me methods.

Teaching and
Learning Approach

Student-Centred Approach

Students will have to engage in all learning practice by being imposed to self study with teacher as the guide and supervisor in the process. This approach opens the chance for the students to participate more and to explore everything they are curious about.

Trilingual Environment

All school and boarding activities will be using three languages actively, so that the students will be able to improve their language and communication skill.

STEAM Education

The method will enable the students to improve their ability to complete project-based work which will not only improve their practical skills but also will enhance their skill in collaborative learning, communication and critical thinking.

Leader in Me

All subjects will be learned by the students with the values of Leader in Me. Teacher will facilitate the students with the methods and instruction where the students will have to do something reflecting the characters, such as proactive, data-driven, win-win solution and others.

Latest Technology Support

During the teaching and learning process the students will be granted with technology device to support the students in acquiring the fastest information.

Extracurricular Programmes

Compulsory Programmes for all students:

  • Scout (for those who have not joined the Olympic programmes)
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Horse Riding

Optional Programmes (Each student might choose max. 2 extracurricular programmes which will be held on Saturdays)

Distinctive and Special Developmental Activities

Besides learning the compulsory subjects existing in the integrated curriculum (e.g. Math, Science, English, etc), the students will be granted with many activities which aim to broaden their perspective and general knowledge. Some of the main activities are:

See the World

Every morning after Muhasabah students will watch news from around the world together in the classroom. This activity will help them keep updated towards the changes happening now. This is important, as in the future students are expected to be able to compete in the global community.

Meet the Alumni

This activity will be done during the induction week for the first grade by inviting ICBS alumni who have already studied in abroad universities to speak and share about their experience. This event is aimed to increase the new students’ motivation in starting their new year as IP-ICBS students.

Guest Lecturing

We believe that students should be provided with other knowledge beyond the school subjects. Thus, this activity will be held by inviting professionals who have been successful in their sector, such as business, leadership, health, social and others.

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Official School Jacket
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School Facilities
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Full Meals (B, L, D)
Drinking Water
Laundry (3kg/weeks)